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6 Things to Consider When Launching an App on a Meager Budget

6 Things to Consider When Launching an App on a Meager Budget

You've created a great app, now what? It may come as a surprise to you that this really means only 50% of the work is done. The remaining 50% is to let the world know that your great app exists.

To increase the reach and visibility of your app, follow this step-by-step process, and consider these 6 things when launching an app on a shoestring budget:

1) App Store Optimization

In the beginning, you will have to focus on App Store Optimization (ASO), which functions differently from SEO. For this, the single most important factor is your app title, which should indicate its purpose clearly.

Google Play and Apple's App Store place apps in search results based on a mix of ranking factors including the application title, screenshots, tags, rating, etc., so make sure these factors are optimized for search results.

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Here are a few pointers to boost your ASO process:

- Use relevant keywords.
- Fill out all the categories relevant to your field when submitting your app.
- Use small perks or rewards to incentivize social shares on Facebook and Twitter.

2) Branding

There may be a bunch of mediocre apps that outshine your awesome mobile app because they are better branded to catch the user's attention.

The key components that an app must have for branding purposes are:

- High-resolution, catchy logo.
- Examples of the various screens of the app.
- Attractive app icons that are colorful, attractive, and clickable.
- Promotional explainer videos, which can be the single most convincing tool for instant download of your app.
- Caption or a brief one-liner about what your app does best.

3) Microsite

A microsite refers to a 2-3 page website that contains all the information about your app. Having a microsite is an ideal way to let users take a peek into your exciting app features and tools, and it usually includes a tagline that instantly informs the visitor as to what the purpose of the app is.

4) Content Marketing

Stale content rarely helps a new app, so hire bloggers and writers in advance to boast about your app. And publish articles on widely read publications Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, etc.

Sharing content with an active audience will keep your users updated and excited about your app. Plan your publicity, tell the press, and spread the word around through social media marketing.

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5) Feedback

Provide a system for people to rate your app, and display the ratings. Showcase the number of downloads. This shows people how popular the app is and will encourage them to download it.

Also, allow people to send feedback. Stay in-tune with your users' needs and provide great customer service when the inevitable bug pops up.

6) Launch Strategy

As mentioned earlier, going for well-known and popular publications will boost traffic and amplify the online presence of your app. Create hype on whatever platform that is available to you!

Email marketing -- A little outdated? Yes, but effective nonetheless. Reach out to the press. Ask bloggers, famous tech nerds, your friends, and even your neighbors to spread the word.

The above-mentioned elements are some of the most basic but fundamental components one needs to add to their marketing strategy. By carefully analyzing the market trends, you will be able to track your users' attention. The more you focus on creating the right strategy with a low budget for your app promotion, the better results you'll see.

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6 Things to Consider When Launching an App on a Meager Budget