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How To Avoid Seasonal Slowdowns, And Keep Growing Your Business

How To Avoid Seasonal Slowdowns, And Keep Growing Your Business

Does your business experience uncertain revenues during summer months or other seasonal or even unexpected slowdowns? If so, you may be looking for new marketing ideas to grow your business. Here are 4 ways you can give in order to get more customers and sales this summer.

For seasonal companies that thrive during summer months, marketing might be a cinch. For those that experience uneven sales, slowdowns or other seasonal disruptions, lack of cash flow might mean that summertime is not so hot. These four marketing ideas can help whether you want to sustain seasonal momentum or avoid a summer sales slowdown:

1. Give Up

Give up on old assumptions. Give up on everything from your promotional strategy to buyer profiles; and take a step back to determine whether taking a new approach to your overall marketing approach, changing your marketing mix, or even identifying whole new segments of target markets may be the key to growing your business more quickly during summer months.

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If you're looking to try something new, social media marketing is one way to beat the summer slowdown and keep sales coming in year round. Promote your business to millions of online users across the most popular social networking sites - including Twitter, LinkedIn, 40Billion, and even Facebook - with marketing automation services like promoted posts and promoted company listings.

2. Give Away

Use summer-themed giveaways to re-engage your customer base and attract new customers during summer months. Consider giving away branded hats, tank tops, water-bottles, sunscreen or other summer-themed items as a gift with purchase during the summer.

You could also hold a summer-themed customer open house or closed event for your best customers or club members to boost sales and strengthen customer relationships, as you give away exclusive event-only offers.

3. Give In

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Local consumers may be more interested in spending time on recreation and leisure activities than shopping. Give in to this local trend, but capitalize by using content to increase brand awareness and bring more local shoppers to your website, blog and social networks.

Write content that references local tourist spots, landmarks and other destinations that would interest members of your target market. You can help to create brand awareness as your articles earn you clicks in online search.

This type of content also provides you with great links to share on social media and can help you start conversations with customers and prospects online and off.

4. Give Way

During summer months, let the expected give way to the new. With summer comes an opportunity to expand your retail or impulse-buy merchandising offers in order to boost average sales or even attract new customers. For example, offer BOGO sales (Buy One & Get One free) or other special discounts.

To your success!

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How To Avoid Seasonal Slowdowns, And Keep Growing Your Business