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The Secret of All Successful Marketing

The Secret of All Successful Marketing

Marketing is simple, right? Well, it can seem complicated, mysterious and highly technical when experts talk about the techniques they use and scream from the rooftops about how you're doing it wrong. Books upon books and blogs upon blogs make it seem like an immense pain-in-the-rear topic.

It's not that difficult: You market to people and you get leads in. Period. However, when you lack this one point it seems hard. When you don't do this one thing, you start to look for shortcuts and alternative methods. Everything starts to seem complicated and you get desperate.

What is that one thing? What is the secret of all marketing?

Behind all successful marketing, there is one key factor: someone communicated and communicated and communicated a lot. No marketing was ever successful without it.

The one important factor is that, in general, entrepreneurs and marketing people really underestimate the volume of communication they have to do. They just can't comprehend how many blog posts, email newsletters, postcard mailings, telephone calls, and sales interviews that must be done in order to be successful in business...

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The Secret of All Successful Marketing