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11/22/2022 11:44:15 PM 


Our uncoiler machine is suitable for the uncoiling and conveying of thin metal sheets. It is the auxiliary equipment for roll forming machines. The decoiler for sale primarily consists of the main machine, tension device, arm hold down device, ultrasonic control device, electric control system and independent hydraulic system. Our steel decoiler is innovative in design, and has received 2 patents of the utility model. Automatic material loading and hydraulic tensioning are available.

Technical Specifications for Uncoiler
Item Parameter Remark
Uncoiling motor power 2.2 kW
Hydraulic station power 3 kW
Uncoiling speed Less than 50 m/min
Suitable coil inside diameter φ508/φ610 mm
Suitable coil width 1000~1250 mm
Suitable coil outside diameter Less than φ1300 mm In case of any contradictory, performance parameter is put in the first place.
Rated load capacity Less than 6 t
Outline dimensions (LXWXH) 260014001700 mm

Jinggong is a professional roll forming machine company, we provide sandwich panel making machine, purlin forming machine, glazed tile roll forming machine and etc. Want to know uncoiler machine price or more? Contact us now.

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