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11/22/2022 11:37:15 PM 

Pipe Bending Machine

The china pipe bending machine is used to make a circle, curve, or spiral for workpieces. It is widely used in such fields as the petroleum industry, chemical engineering, hydroelectricity, shipbuilding, steel structure, machine making and so on.

One machine can not only produce one size, it depends on the machine designing. Our pipeline bending machine is a piece of special equipment designed for section bar producers. The automatic cnc pipe bending machine for sale can be used to bend the section bar into round, arc or other shapes of workpieces.

Parameters Of  Pipe Bending Machine
Item Parameters
Bending-resistance modules of section 270-2000(cm³)
Max. Resistance of material 245Mpa(asQ235A)
Outward bending for channel steel Model of channel steel: 50
Min. Bending diameter: φ3500mm
Inward bending for channel steel Model of channel steel: 40
Min. Bending diameter: φ3500mm
Steel tube Max. Section: φ426mm×16mm
Min. Bending diameter: φ15000mm
Min. Section: φ90mm×8mm
Min. Bending diameter: φ3000mm
Flat bending for band steel Max. Section: 200mm×60mm
Min. Bending diameter: φ3000mm
Upright bending for band steel Max. Section: 500mm×75mm
Min. Bending diameter: φ4800mm
Working speed 2-3m/min
Motor power Hydraulic pump: 22kw
Supporter motor: 0.75kw×2  0.18kw×2
Dimension 4880mm×3200mm×2000mm(length×width×height)
Total weight About 36000 kg

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Pipe Bending Machine