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11/22/2022 11:35:50 PM 

H-Beam Straightening Machine

H beam bending machine is mainly used for the angle distortion straightening of heavy H-beam, it adopts hydraulic straightening which will have a strong straightening force and large straightening range and with high working efficiency and good quality.
We can design and manufacture different specifications of H-Beam Straightening Machine according to the different requirements of the client.

The suitable feeding materials for the straightener:
flange thickness: 8-60 mm
flange width: 180-800 mm
web height: 350 mm
web thickness: 8-40 mm

Parameters Of H-Beam Straightening Machine
Item Parameters
Model JJZ60B JJZ80B
Flange plate width (mm) 180-900 200-1000
Minimum web height (mm) ≥350 ≥350
High pressure correcting force (Kn) 1500 2800
Corrected material thickness (mm) Q235≤0  Q345≤60 Q234≤100  Q345≤80
Max.straightening speed (m/min) 5.5 6
Total Power (Kw) 26 37
Special Features About H-Beam Straightening Machine
H type steel after welding, because of thermal expansion, the flange plate will bend, the JJZ60B straightening machine is special equipment used for the angle distortion straightening of heavy H beam. It is easy to operate, simple maintenance, high working efficiency, etc. It is widely used in metal structure industrial sectors such as huge building, water conservancy and bridge, metallurgical industry etc.

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H-Beam Straightening Machine