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11/22/2022 11:34:26 PM 

Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Guardrail Roll Forming Machine is the special forming equipment for producing the speedway guide rail. One shift every month can produce 600 tons (max). The common thickness for the coil is normally 3-4mm for low yield strength. The rough weight of total highway guardrail roll forming machine is about 55000Kg for reference.

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Parameter Of Highway guardrail forming machine
Item Parameter
Profile Two ribs and three ribs guard rail
Material Type Steel strip
Thickness 3-4
Yield stress 230-300
Max. Forming speed 20
Roller material D2
Roller driven type Universal joint shaft transmission
Controller PLC
Operation Touch screen+button
Hydraulic system pressure 25
Total weight About 55000

Technical flow Of Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine
Loading steel coil →decoiling→feeding and leveling→side shearing→punching to length→roll forming →cutting →product stacking→moving out the product

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Guardrail Roll Forming Machine