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11/22/2022 11:31:06 PM 

Downspout Roll Forming Machine

This downspout pipe roll forming machine can produce the sealed color water pipes by forming the colored steel sheet and whipstitch it. The downspout forming machine adopts a PLC control system, AC frequency conversion speed-adjust technology, therefore it can automatically cut to length. This is the original color steel Downpipe forming machine in China with carious freedom intellectual property and national patent.

The most standard size is 134*93mm and 153*106mm, and the suitable coil thickness and strength range is 0.5-0.6mm, 235-345Mpa for reference. After down pipe forming, we also have the curving pipe forming machine.

We can design and manufacture downspout roll forming machine for forming different profiles according to customers' requirements. We also have various types of roll forming machines for sale.

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Parameter Of Downspout Roll Forming Machine
Item Parameter
Model HS-134 HS-118
Downpipe section specification 13493 11889

Material Type Color steel sheet
Thickness 0.45-0.55
Yield strength 230-300
Forming speed 10
Roller material 45# Steel with chrome-plated
Roller driven type Chain transmission
Controller PLC
Operation Touch screen+button
Hydraulic system pressure 12
Hydraulic station motor power 7.5
Main motor power 3
Total power 10.5
Total weight 8000

Technics flow Of Downspout Roll Forming Machine
Decoiling →guiding and feeding→roll forming →cut to length →run out table

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Downspout Roll Forming Machine