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What Equipment Does Your Dentist Use When You Go To The Dentist?

I. Dental equipment definition

Dental medical instruments refer to various small hand-held tools specially used in dentistry, which are called dental instruments internationally. Dental medical instruments include dental mobile phones, dental mobile phone sterilizers, tooth extraction forceps, dental taps, tooth excavators, manual dental instruments, dental rotary instruments, dental injection instruments, root canal instruments and other surgical instruments.

II. Common dental equipment list

1. Dental probe

There are many different types of probes. Although they look scary, they are used to explore the mouth and make sure everything is normal. Sickle probes are used to locate any caries and other oral problems, while periodontal probes are used to measure periodontal pockets and identify any problems, such as gingival recession.

2. Anesthetic

The appearance of teeth can be very hard. However, under enamel, they are very sensitive. In order to perform the operation without causing any pain, your dentist will give local anesthesia to your mouth.

3. Dental syringes

Dental syringes are used to inject local anesthetics to paralyze your teeth and gums so that dentists can perform operations that may cause pain. When in use, you may feel uncomfortable, but this usually relieves in a few seconds.

4. Dental drill

The dental drill is used to remove any decay attached to the teeth before filling the cavity, although sometimes it only polishes and smoothes the teeth after the operation is completed.

5. Scoop excavator

Sometimes, the material in the cavity is very soft, so a drill is not required. Scoop excavators are used to remove this decay.

6. Burner

Polishing machines are usually used at the end of surgery to smooth and polish your teeth or remove scratches. It is usually used after dental restoration to tidy the teeth after primary surgery.

7. Scanner

The tooth cleaner is used to remove tooth stones above the gum line. Sometimes the dental calculus can be too hard to be removed by brushing, so it needs to be carefully scraped out with these instruments.

8. Scraper

The scraper is also used to remove dental calculus, but it has a special shape and can be removed from below the gum line without causing any additional damage to the gums.

9. Suction device

In many procedures, saliva and debris may accumulate in the mouth, which may make it difficult for dentists. Small hoses are used to remove anything that obstructs the mouth.

10. X-ray

Sometimes problems may not appear immediately, so X-rays need to be taken to show more details of teeth and bones. Without X-rays, problems such as early tooth decay are difficult to find.

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What Equipment Does Your Dentist Use When You Go To The Dentist?