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What Are Nabothian Cysts and How Are They Treated?

Nabothian cysts are raised bumps on the cervix. These cysts are mucus-filled lumps that appear on the outer surface of the uterine opening or the cervix. Nabothian cysts are also referred to as nabothian follicles or mucinous retention cysts. These cysts generally tend to form when the normal outer most tissue layer of the cervix abnormally grows over its mucus producing glandular tissue. As a result, the mucus secreted by the glandular tissues is trapped between the two layers, resulting in a nabothian or cervical cyst.

The asymptomatic nature of the nabothian cysts results in most of them going undetected until a woman undergoes a routine gynecological scan. Incidentally, some women also come across these cysts for the first time during cervical cap or diaphragm insertion. These cysts are noncancerous and harmless, but long-standing in nature.

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What Are Nabothian Cysts and How Are They Treated?