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9/19/2022 5:03:30 AM 

I do not know if you have this question, why do you bring the pearls on the necklace is always easy to yellow but why the Queen of England's pearl earrings, decades still shiny as new! Pearls are popular with women like jewelry, different styles of women wearing pearls, can always wear their own taste: Hepburn wear pearls out of the spirit, the Queen of England to wear pearls out of dignity, and Princess Diana wear pearls out of elegance. But although pearls are beautiful and versatile, but many women are not too "dare" to buy pearls, why is this?
A, pearl "life" short, do not dare to buy?
And many jewelry compared to the pearls appear "delicate" a lot, many people are afraid to buy pearls, is afraid of time, pearls will "grow disabled" become ugly, so the pearls wear not only do not show temperament, but also look " The price". The common "broken" pearls are mainly the following 2 kinds of.
1, skin crack.
Some pearls wear a period of time, the surface of the layer of luster like peeling cracked, like this: such a phenomenon, there are 2 kinds of possibilities, the first is to buy a fake, the second is the pearl problem.
Fakes: In most cases, the pearls appear skin cracked because they bought coated fake pearls - some crooks take shells ground into beads, or simply use plastic beads directly to pass off as pearls, in order to pass off as real, they will coat the surface of the beads with a film very similar to the luster of the pearls, so that the fake beads look the same as the pearls. However, this coating is not secure and will peel off over time, looking like a pearl peeling off. Pearl problem: For nucleated pearls (seawater pearls, Edison pearls of this kind), even if they are not fakes, there is a possibility of skin cracking, which happens mostly because of the rush to harvest, resulting in too short a gestation time for the pearls and too thin a pearl layer, which results in cracking.
2, yellowing.
This is the situation that we are most afraid to encounter, the original lustrous white pearls slowly lose their luster, become dull or even yellow, just like the original beautiful beauty aging as heartbreaking, once yellowing, it is difficult to save, can only look at the once beloved pearl jewelry put aside to fall into dust.
For this reason, many people are reluctant to get their hands on pearls, fearing that if they don't wear them for 2 years, the pearls will be yellowed and "ruined". This is a problem that is caused by improper maintenance. Want to make their pearls do not yellow, then continue to look down it ~
Second, pearls have a way to maintain, not yellowing ~
So, pearls really can not buy? That is certainly not it, although the pearl because of the composition of the reason, indeed, slowly oxidation yellowing, but as long as the usual attentive maintenance, the speed of oxidation can effectively reduce, so that the value of the pearl to maintain a large decades, or even hundreds of years are no problem. The Queen of England's pair of pearl earrings and necklace, but wear a few decades still very new, and the British royal family's famous pearl tear crown, the Queen wore, once the Princess Diana wore, now the Princess Kate also wore, and still very beautiful ~ want their pearls can long maintain the value, then you have to know how to take care of it, summarized a few pearl maintenance methods, hope to help all I hope to help all the fans of pearls, so that everyone's pearls can be as beautiful as new ~


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I do not know if you have this question, why do you bring the ...