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pearl necklace
There are many types of pearls suitable for single bead necklaces, mainly according to that your personal preferences and daily wear to select. I personally prefer simple and versatile models, "Passepartout" style is my first push.
White pearls https://hiyman.com/ are the most versatile and non-picky color, if the budget is less than a hundred dollars, you can choose about 9mm white round freshwater pearls to do a silver inlay Passepartout. Of course, I recommend using seawater akoya pearls https://hiyman.com/ to make a 18k gold Passepartout necklace, seawater pearls, whether from the luster or texture will be more delicate than freshwater pearls, a good quality 18k gold akoya Passepartout necklace 300 + is completely stress-free da. If the beads are below 9mm, I personally recommend choosing a fine chain like o-string as a collarbone chain, if it is above 9mm, you can choose a thick gold texture with the Chopin chain. Of course you can also pick some colored pearls, such as real hemp blue pearls, Tahitian black pearls, South Seas gold pearls, etc. https://hiyman.com/
Black pearls are better to show the intellectual beauty, and it would be quite an honor to pick a primary color Tahitian peacock green black pearl. No matter black skin white skin or big yellow skin all match! South seas gold beads https://hiyman.com/ are the most gorgeous pearls, if you are slightly tall you can choose 11mm or more large particles of gold beads, if you are a petite girl should not wear large particles of gold beads, choose about 8-9mm can be, small and delicate design can better set off the girl's young and lively personality characteristics, many people misunderstand that only older people are suitable to wear South seas gold beads, in fact, this is a big misunderstanding.
Purple pearls are able to highlight the gentle color, but also more picky class of beads, the above picture this bead is 18k gold patch freshwater purple pearls, the price is within 100, the skin tone of the whiter girls can try, can be with light colors warm tones of clothing, but also beautiful.
Using real hemp seawater pearls to make a classic pavement is also a good choice, very suitable for young girls to wear, youthful and beautiful sense of both, is also super versatile. Like the above picture this whole body 18k gold round flawless real hemp seawater pearls, about 500 oceans can be taken, delicate cost is not high Oh ~.
Simple and versatile style of course can not miss the Y word even, the above picture is also my home sales better necklace, different from Lulutong is that he can adjust the length through personal preference, Y-shaped necklace compared to Lulutong more set off the face, is also a lot of celebrities netizens love the style! This 18k gold seawater akoya pearl Y-chain necklace above the price point of about 500 yuan, if you choose freshwater silver inlay material, about 100 yuan can be done, many girls like the thick gold texture can also choose to do inlay with Chopin chain, in short, such a low-cost versatile weapon is quite worth getting!

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pearl necklace