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Men's necklace
Although the material of men's necklace is not as colorful as women's necklace, but there are actually many choices. The most common is gold, in the flashing light to show the awe-inspiring masculinity, the more popular are mainly the following.
mechanism chain The gold mechanism chain is very popular in the international men's jewelry market, which is twisted by the machine to pull the K gold material. The break is round or square, and the specifications include three-ring set and five-ring set. The diameter of the chain is 3-5 mm. Since men's skin is relatively rough, the rugged shape of the mechanism chain can better reflect the brave manly style.
2、Golden vertebrae chain The appearance of gold vertebrae chain is similar to that of a horse whip, which is made of single or three strands of gold wire twisted into a vertebrae chain ring and then jointed. The processing cost of vertebrae chain is slightly higher than that of mechanism chain, and it is richer in minority atmosphere.

3、Platinum and 18K gold White metal pure white metal luster with that is bronze healthy skin, simple but not lose the highlight, noble temperament reveals the original men's maturity and stability, let you show the true color of men.

4, antique necklace for men antique necklace, it is recommended to wear jade, amber, sandalwood incense such necklaces, not only will not change color, and the more you wear the more moist. If it is a good thing, there is a good appreciation and collection value.

5, bone chain men's bone chain processing requirements are very high, polish requirements are also high, often faceted into the Buddha bead-shaped, long cylindrical or rectangular, there are also cross-pierced long cone tiger tooth-shaped tiger even, the most able to show the men's resolute and determined temperament.
pearl necklace Pearls can be divided into freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls, Tahitian black pearls and South Sea beads. Pearl necklace price in order: freshwater pearls * seawater pearls * Tahitian pearls * South Sea beads Now more and more boys wear pearl necklace, is also a very good choice.
What kind of necklace men wear look good?
Men's necklace as a whole, to be delicate and durable, and do not add any pendants on the necklace, otherwise it will look like men are not stable enough, and it will look very feminine. This 990 sterling silver round bead chain, the whole necklace shape rough, heavy, strong, reflecting the majestic posture of men's bravery; but not lose delicate, simple and understated, calm atmosphere.
For men in general, short necklaces can make the face wider and the neck thicker: men with slightly longer faces and necks think that wearing multiple necklaces can achieve the effect of a thicker neck, but in fact it is just the opposite, but makes the long thin neck more conspicuous.
Square face, short neck men should wear a slightly longer men's necklace, with wearing a larger neckline, a little lower top, so that the necklace fully revealed, so that people get the impression of a longer neck, thus increasing the sense of beauty.

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Men's necklace