Member Posts > When it comes to pearl necklace, vintage/elegant words like this will always first come to our mind, but in fact, pearls, this fashionable single product has been in the field of fashion and trend, showing a very new style, a little attention to dress, you will find that pearl necklace almost a hand!
Fashion circle popular pearl is not surprising, but it is worth noting that in the trend circle, the pearl trend has actually long been set off, the domestic trend stars, kris and Cai Xu Kun and other male stars have long been in the magazine and self-service wear to present their style with.
In fact, pearls can be so prevalent in the trend circle, to a large extent, is the foreign rappers have presented wearing demonstration caused by the superstars, including GD/asap rocky, has long played the pearl element to the extreme.
In addition to the wearing of pearl necklace, they will traditionally vintage / mild pearl and other different styles of accessories and necklaces to mix and match the way, also in the field of fashion presents a new trend.
The delicate pearls collide with the hard metal for a stunningly pioneering chic look, which can also present different textures depending on the style of the metal and the shape and size of the pearls.
Different materials in the same necklace stitching is also the current trend of accessory design, since the trend of fashion show accessories have been so obvious, basically all the brands have launched pearl accessories, that our choice will certainly be more!
In addition to the necklace, the choice of accessories is actually a lot, earrings are following the necklace, will be more popular choice of accessories, in fact, the first two years of the pearl hair card seems to have been hinting at the arrival of pearl fashion it! The bloggers who have already smelled the fashion flavor naturally also provided us with countless models to wear, in fact, do not need to look at foreign bloggers and stars, domestic celebrities nowadays, whether they are boys or girls, pearl elements must be presented in them.
So, today, this blogger is especially thoughtful for you to prepare a few I think the most cost-effective several accessories brand, I hope you can choose the desired trend control single product. In fact, mentioning pearls, Chanel is certainly not less, pearls have been one of her representative elements, each season will come out with pearl accessories, selective and strong, especially some vintage single product is really worth picking, after all, CHANEL is really style forever.
I share today or take the cost-effective route, in fact, today there are some more niche accessory brands, the style is very eye-catching, worth trying!
not hard to see that the necklaces in the store are very trendy. Pearls like a dot in which, but can not be ignored, and pendant texture with a very good chain, the ring interlocking present a pioneering yet millennial prudent texture of the beauty. For those who want to choose something with independent aesthetic accessories, this one I recommend, whether worn singly or mixed with other textured pieces, it is a choice that can not go wrong.

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When it comes to pearl necklace, vintage/elegant words like ...