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What are the Bases in Dating


I know what you're thinking. You've got your eye on a girl and you want to impress her, so you'll do anything to get close. But what does it mean when she says "let's go for first base"? What are the bases of dating Is that like kissing or something? And if so, how long do I wait before trying to get there? These questions are all valid and will be answered here:
The base system is often joked about in pop culture, like in "American Pie," when the character Kevin and his friends are talking about "scoring" with girls.

The base system is a way of describing the progression of a relationship. The idea is that there are five stages, forming the bases of dating. Each base represents a different level in your relationship with your partner, and each stage has its own set of rules and etiquette. The first two bases are casual, while the latter three are more serious.

The base system was popularized by the movie American Pie (and also appears in other pop culture references like Friends), where Kevin's friends describe him as having "scored" with an unnamed girl-a reference to third-base sex. You may have heard this term before but don't know what it means or why it's used to describe different kinds of sexual activity and relationships! Here we explain everything you need to know about "scoring," why people use this slang term for having sex at all during dating stages/bases...

1st Base: Kissing
Kissing is a way to express affection, get to know someone and show your interest in someone. When you kiss someone, you can do it with clothes or without clothes. You don't have to ask permission before kissing someone.

2nd Base: Holding hands
Holding hands is a sign of affection, trust, intimacy, commitment, respect and friendship. It's also an important step in any relationship when you're starting to get to know someone. When you hold hands with someone it shows that you care about them enough to put your hand on theirs and vice versa. This can be a little bit more intimate than just standing next to each other or talking because it shows that both people are comfortable enough with each other that they want to share their physical space with one another.

3rd Base: Physical Contact (With Clothes)
3rd base is the stage when you can start to get a little more physical with your date. It's still early in the relationship and both partners are still feeling things out, but they want to move forward and see what happens next. This may be kissing, or touching breasts or genitals. It could also mean touching butt cheeks or inner thighs (though these are much more intimate forms of touching than others).

4th Base: Emotional Base: This is when two people connect emotionally. They may share feelings and communicate effectively.

The fourth base is the emotional base, where two people connect emotionally. This can be when they share feelings and communicate effectively.

You might feel like you're hitting it off with a girl you like and want to know how she feels about you. Or maybe the two of you are already dating, but have never talked about your feelings for each other before.

If so, don't worry! Here's how:

5th Base: Intellectual Base: This is when two people connect intellectually. They may have similar interests and talk about them.
If you're interested in the Fifth Base, then this is the time to start talking about your favorite books, movies, music and hobbies. You can also talk about your career goals or future plans.

When you reach this level with someone new it's okay to ask them personal questions but only after they have asked you some questions of their own first. Also remember that there are certain topics that should be off limits when getting to know someone new: religion, politics and money. These things can be discussed later once trust has been established between both parties as they are very sensitive subjects!

If you're going to get anywhere with a girl, it's important to understand what first base is.

There are a lot of bases in dating, but they all come down to five main ones. If you have no idea what each one is, don't worry-it's easy to understand once you know the basics.

First base is kissing. Second base is holding hands or touching another person's back as an affectionate gesture (like when you're standing behind them). Third base involves physical contact without clothes on, which can include hugging and kissing on the lips with open mouths, rubbing your bodies together through your clothes (or even underclothes), and more advanced things like oral sex or dry humping (rubbing against each other without any clothes between). Fourth base means emotional attachment; by this point in your relationship with someone else you should be able to talk about how much they mean to you and how much they've changed your life since meeting them as well as sharing secrets with them like no one else knows about before getting into bed together so that fifth base can happen later on down the road when both parties feel ready for it."

So, now you know what first base is and why it's important. Hopefully, this knowledge will help you avoid making some of the mistakes Kevin did in "American Pie."

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What are the Bases in Dating