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8/4/2022 12:21:18 AM 

2 Layer ENIG Impedance Control Half Hole PCB

Number of layers: 2
Surface finish: ENIG
Base material: FR4
Outer Layer W/S: 7/4mil
Thickness: 1.0mm
Min. hole diameter: 0.3mm
Special process: impedance control+half hole
Advantages Of 2 Layer ENIG Impedance Control Half Hole PCB
Own lamination process to convenient production for Multilayer PCB and shorten the lead time.
Jiangxi facility is environmental-friendly approved by the government .
Famous raw materials brand, Kingboard, Shengyi, ITEQ, Taiyo, Guangxin.
Highly automated production line with AIO Optical Scanning, Electroplating Automatic Line, High-speed flying probe test machines and inkjet printer.
Engineers with more than 15 years of experience
Customers located in more than 20 countries, the common choice of 500 high-end companies.
Perfect quality inspection system
Professional R&D team can make all kinds of special boards.
Sales office in Shenzhen and own 12,000sqm factory in Jiangxi.
Establish an e-commerce system to reduce transaction costs and increase market response speed.
Packing And Delivery Of 2 Layer ENIG Impedance Control Half Hole PCB

As a professional pcb manufacturing company, we are committed to providing high quality PCB circuit boards in the industry.
As a professional double layer pcb manufacturing company ,we provide double layer pcb china and the most competitive 2 layer pcb price.

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2 Layer ENIG Impedance Control Half Hole PCB