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Phaseolus Coccineus/Runner Bean
Feature of Runner Beans

Scarlet runner seeds is a type of kidney bean, so named because it resembles a small purse in shape and pattern. Also known as Zebra beans, emperor beans, emperor beans, love-sickness beans.

Runner bean beans used to be imperial tributes, It is beautiful in appearance, not only has good ornamental value but also can be made into delicious dishes. The dried beans are soaked in water and then fried and stewed with meat.

Runner bean is a kind of common edible bean in the world. not only has rich nutritional value, but also has high medicinal and health value. It is a traditional food with the same origin of medicine and food in China.

Benefits of Runner Beans
Runner beans contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. They are also a kind of food with high starch and protein content. Most importantly, they are fat-free and are a good health food.

Medicinal value: Modern medical analysis believes that the unique components contained in it can improve the immune ability of human body, enhance the ability of disease resistance, promote synthesis and other functions, and inhibit the development of tumor cells, so it has been paid attention to by the medical field.

1. Runner bean contains some natural phospholipids, these substances are absorbed by the human body, can improve human brain function, promote the regeneration of brain cells.

2. Red bean is also a kind of bean ingredients that can tonify kidney and strengthen waist. It can improve kidney function and accelerate the metabolism of excess water in human body.

3. Delay aging can dispel wind and dehumidification, it has a significant relieving effect on human rheumatism bone pain.

4. Also has a very good role in blood nourishment, and a good anti-aging effect.

Storing of Runner Beans

5-25 degrees, should be sealed storage, above 25 refrigerated storage.

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Phaseolus Coccineus/Runner Bean