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Chinese Peanuts for Sale
The producing area of Chinese peanut is mainly distributed in Shandong Province of China, among which Weihai big Peanuts are the main cash crop of Weihai City and has the international reputation of "ginseng fruit". It is designated by the country as the snack food for foreign guests and enjoys a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

Weihai big Peanuts cultivation has a long history. Weihai is the main producing area of big Chinese Peanuts and one of the largest Peanuts export bases in China. Weihai big Peanuts is also the main oil crop.

Sweet Peanut by Manda Food, a reputable peanut supplier is characterized by large fruit type, full grain, clean skin and fruit, bright color, crisp sweet and delicious, protein and vitamin content is high, and contains a variety of amino acids, rich nutrition, and has a high medicinal value, so it enjoys a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

Sweet Peanut Types

Manda Food, a reputable China peanut manufacturer with its own factory, offers mainly two types of sweet peanut: shelled peanut and peanut kernel. Peanut, the nutritious fruit with long life, keeps us healthy and is beneficial to a prolonged human life.

Shelled Peanut
Shelled peanut by Manda Food, a reputable company in agricultural food, contains lots of fat and protein, the amount of which can be compared with food like milk and eggs.

Peanut Kernel
Peanut kernel by Manda Food plays a vital role in supplementing nutrients required by brains, tonifying blood and preventing hemorrhagic diseases.

Health Benefits of Peanut Wholesale

Peanuts contain a lot of linoleic acid, this substance can make the human body cholesterol decomposed into bile acid excretion, avoid cholesterol deposition in the body
The zinc content in peanuts is generally higher than that of other oil crops. Zinc can promote the development of children's brain, enhance the memory function of the brain
Peanut is rich in calcium, which can promote the bone development of children and prevent the occurrence of bone degenerative diseases in the elderly
Contains a very strong biological activity of natural polyphenols - resveratrol. It is a natural chemoprophylaxis of tumor diseases

If you want to know more about peanut cost, please contact us.

As a dried food company, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.


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Chinese Peanuts for Sale