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6/8/2022 3:55:24 PM 

At MaXXiMaT, we're firmly committed to delivering durable and firm Crane Mats to worksites across Edmonton and Calgary. We know that creating a safe and stable platform, and a safe working environment, requires a good foundation. For the heaviest of machinery, it is important to have equally heavy-duty crane mats that will last under pressure, will endure under all kinds of weather, and will withstand multiple applications. Creating crane mats that meet these needs and uphold quality standards is what we at MaXXiMaT take pride in, as creators of the most durable mats in not only Alberta but the world. We also take pride in ensuring no matter the terrain across Alberta, whether icy, rocky, or muddy, your crane is secure and on solid ground. See why we're the first choice for crane mats in the oil industry and a top choice for Alberta construction.

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At MaXXiMaT, we’re firmly committed to delivering durable and ...