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Which is the best extension to block spammers for the Magento 2 module?
Spambots and fake signups can do a lot more damage to your website by bringing down your metrics and reputation. Hackers can manipulate data and lead the website to get 1000's of fake subscribers ultimately losing on genuine prospects.

OSC Professionals Spam Killer Magento 2 Module extension allows the admin to restrict such spam and fake customers by blocking their domain, IP address, Newsletter subscription, or email to keep your store safe and secure. With this module, you save yourself with the hassle of filtering spam messages and worrying if you've missed a legit one.

Our Spam Killer module is built with the GUI base blocking facility which can be set by the admin helping prevent such incidents from happening.

Key Features of Spam Killer for Magento 2 extension :

Blocks the Newsletter subscription of .ru mails

Known as the most common spam in Magento 2 websites, spam Newsletter subscription from email addresses and other such similar domains are said to have affected numerous e-commerce websites. Our Spam Killer Module's .ru email blocking functionality blocks .ru emails and similar email domains from hacking your site.

Blocks Spammers

Our module restricts spam customers by enabling block spamming in each section of the website right from Newsletter subscription, contact to newsletters. Admin can enter the list of the domain name, email id, IP address, and the length of the first name and enable it to restrict spammers.

Restricts Fake Newsletter subscription

The module lets you avoid a fake Newsletter subscription with an error message and blocking the spammers. You can block such fake Newsletter subscriptions via IP address and display an error message. Admin can enter the list of the domain name and email id.

Blocks Bots

Our module offers Spam and Bot Blocker functionality which helps enable or disable the bots on our web store and prevent them from creating fake signups. By using this extension Admin can manage it as they want and add new bot names to the bot list.

OSC Professionals have expertise in Magento Extensions and thus implement best industry practices and technology to optimize your e-commerce store and generate more revenues for your business.

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Which is the best extension to block spammers for the Magento 2 module?