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Monero Crypto Mining Rig - GPU 1080TI

What is Monero?

Firstly, Monero is a leading cryptocurrency that is secure, private and untraceable. Monero Crypto Mining Rig - GPU 1080TI

Secondly, Most existing cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, have transparent blockchains, meaning that transactions are openly verifiable and traceable by anyone in the world.

Hence, Unlike the majority, Monero uses a special kind of cryptography to ensure that all of its transactions remain 100% unlinkable and untraceable.

Why is Monero Crypto Mining Rig important?
- Allows individuals to have complete control over their transactions
- Has no "pre-set" size limit, so it's dynamically scalable
- Is fungible
- Is ASIC Rresistant
- Offers a public and private key

How can I invest in Monero Crypto Mining Rig ?
- Buy bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange and convert it to Monero
- Mine Monero with a Monero mining rig

How do I mine Monero Crypto Mining Rig ?
Moreover, Purchase our premier GPU Monero miner, which allows you to directly mine the Monero coin into your Monero wallet. We will help you choose the best Monero pool to use.

Monero Mining Calculator
Suggested Values
- Hashing Power: 4640.0 h/s
- Pool Fee: 1-2%
- Power Usage: 1800W

Important Monero Links
Monero Whitepaper:
Monero Wallet:
Monero Mining Pools
Monero Algorithm: Cryptonight v7

How does Frontier offer the best Monero miner?
It's no secret that mining is a critical component of blockchain technology, but, it's not easy. It requires massive power, complex infrastructure and an intricate supply chain.

We take the pain out of the process by producing premium GPU miners, so you can focus on capturing cryptocurrency, while we manage everything else.

Why Frontier?
The Frontier Mining origin story goes back to 2004 when one of the founders of Frontier, Brent Whitfield, started co-locating servers for clients in downtown Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

With 14 years of experience with co-location and private cloud hosting, we know a thing or two about powering, cooling and securing servers, and other mission critical IT infrastructure.

We make our clients successful by designing and deploying miners and supporting IT equipment that is anti-fragile and robust enough to perform for years.

Frontier uses data centers in Los Angeles and Nevada to host our mining rigs, and we will be expanding soon in order to help our clients achieve the lowest cost per kWh in the country.

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Monero Crypto Mining Rig GPU 1080TI