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9/9/2021 4:30:21 AM 

Fresh and Beauty Marylin Monroe Clone

Like the famed singer, Marilyn Monroe marijuana is highly prized and one of a kind. It is a cross between JFK (AK47 X Juicy Fruit) and Mothers Finest (a Haze heavy strain that descended from Jack Herer). With such an impressive parentage, the strain was always going to be a one-hit wonder and it most certainly does not disappoint, the only downside being that the strain is very difficult to find. It is a house signature strain that is only available from BMCC (Boulder Medical Marijuana Center). It is a much sought-after strain medically as well as recreationally, though is really available only in California and Colorado at this stage. It is an Indica dominant strain with super dense trichomes and lots of orange-brown pistils with a dark green color. The taste is predominantly of strawberries which is just as strong as the smell, which is similarly strong and pleasant. Even though it is said to be an Indica heavy hybrid it hits more like a potent Haze or the psychoactive Thai flowers. Many users also indicate that the high is reminiscent of Blue Dream, which is very powerful and cerebral but simultaneously very clear and energetic, with little heavy after effects. Marilyn Monroe is a clean strain of marijuana that is a smooth smoke, with a lovely taste and smell and a powerful yet clean hit. For these reasons, this strain is a favorite among medical and recreational patients and is a must try for all cannabis connoisseurs. It has massive THC levels that range between 20-25% so is a strain for veterans only. The exact ratio of Indica to Sativa is unknown, said to be highly Indica dominant from reports and the genetics but delivering powerful Sativa related cerebral effects.<... : 2677 Hog Camp Road
State CA, California
Postal code 91342

Number : (971) 277-7273

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Fresh and Beauty Marylin Monroe Clone