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6/7/2021 11:13:16 PM 

Sanitization service near me
WashTog disinfects every nook and corner of your home to make sure you are safe in place where a Covid positive case has been detected or a large gathering is planned. We use ULV fogger with disinfectants certified by EPA to kill pathogens including Coronavirus. Our services are tailored for houses with Covid Positive History and for areas where large gatherings are about to happen. Covid-19 has entirely changed the way of living and everyone of us is concerned when going out in public places like offices, malls, shops and other recreational spots. Moreover many homes and offices have recently got a positive case and it's very difficult to trace from where the virus has come and who all are infected. For a home with covid positive case, a regular cleaning will not kill these family of viruses and a professional fogging with hospital grade chemicals can make the premises sanitized and disinfected.

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Sanitization service near me