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Urikar AT1 - The World's First AI-Powered Massage Gun Has Officially Arrived at Amazon

Recently, Urikar announced its new AT1 percussion massage gun, introducing a powerful muscle pain relieving experience and advanced intelligent massage head recognition technology that push the boundaries of innovation for users who want the most out of massage gun. Now, this revolutionary deep tissue massager officially arrives at Amazon.
Powered by a professional-grade brushless motor that uses patented QuietPower 2.0 Technology, AT1 delivers up to 65lbs of no-stall force, 16mm amplitude, and speeds of up to 3600rpm. You can quickly relieve soreness in large muscle groups like the quads, glutes and hamstrings, helping you warm up and recover from workouts in record time.

About Urikar

Urikar officially established is Colorado, USA in 2015.  In 2019, Urikar produced the world's first AI-powered massage which highlights a user-oriented smart dashboard and a massage speed that adapts to movement.

Urikar achieved annual sales surpassing 1 billion only five years after the enterprise's inception. In an effort to cultivate healthier, manageable habits in conjunction with minimizing muscle pains, Urikar remains up-to-date with the most current technological

This newly launched Urikar AT1 model features an Italian made STM chip, which makes it instantly recognize the massage head as soon as you insert it based on data obtained from its sensors, then gives you full instructions on screen covering all aspects of your massage, including where to massage, at what speed, for how long, and so on. Also, AT1's infrared sensor enables smart percussive speed adaptation based on the distance between the device and your body, which can greatly prolong the battery life.

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Urikar AT1 - The World’s First AI-Powered Massage Gun Has Officially ...