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how many pages are 1500 words
If you are instructed specifically to write exact 1500 words then you can divide your article into four main sections: title, introduction, body and conclusion and try to write the specific number of words given below.
Title: Not more than 6 words. Title is what attracts attention towards your content. Try to keep it short and straight forward.
Introduction: Not more than 300 words.
Body: Try to keep the word count for the body of your write up fewer than 1100 words. Give sub-headings, use tables and use bullet points to explain the context of your writing piece.
Conclusion: Not more than 100 words.
You see, the more words you need the more content you will be adding.
It may sound difficult at first and you might struggle to write with correct word count, but with practice and time you will get the hang of it. Additionally you can check the word count on MS Word via its dialog box.
Following is the table given for your reference. Use it for checking page and word count of your written.
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how many pages are 1500 words