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Level control

Endress+Hauser offers one of the widest Flowmeter ranges available, utilising many important measuring principles, for measuring the flow of liquids, gases, and steam in almost every industry sector and application. Applications include environmental protection, safety, quality control, and process optimisation of processes. As all the flow meter products we sell are manufactured by Endress+Hauser, you can have confidence in their quality. Plus, you'll benefit from our unrivaled industry knowledge and product selection expertise. We also offer comprehensive ongoing support to ensure you have the back up you need for the complete lifecycle of the product.

Electromagnetic flow meters have been used throughout industries for more than 60 years. These meters are applicable for all conductive liquids, such as water, acids, alkalis, slurries, and more. Typical applications are monitoring of liquids, filling, dosing, and precise measurement in custody transfer. Endress+Hauser has manufactured more than two million mag meters since 1977. Faraday's law of induction states that a metal rod moving in a magnetic field induces an electrical voltage. This dynamo principle also governs the way electromagnetic flow meters work. As soon as the electrically charged particles of fluid cross the artificial magnetic field generated by two field coils, and the electric voltage is induced. This voltage, tapped by two measuring electrodes, is directly proportional to the velocity of flow and thus to the flow volume.

Endress+Hauser is not restricted by a limited number of measurement principles and can, therefore, offer the method best suited to your particular application in either liquids or bulk solids. We'll carefully listen to your requirements and then offer the best suited and most cost-effective solution. We also offer onsite assistance with commissioning to ensure the instrument is installed correctly and performing as required. Capacitance level measurement is a simple and cost-effective solution for level monitoring in liquids. Particularly in small tanks and build-up forming media. Point level detection works for both liquids including aggressive media, and solids with a heavy-build up the possibility.

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Level control