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11/18/2020 10:18:21 PM 

Teaching Trumpet
Much has been written on the subject of dyslexia, teaching dyslexics and dyslexia strategies of teaching. The problem here seems to be a simple one. Is dyslexia a mental disorder, a handicap, a learning disability or is it that people with this condition simply process information differently from what we call 'normal'? Or to put it another way: does the problem lie with the individual or is it rather the educational system that demands that children process information in a certain way?

Firstly, I am a professional trumpeter and have been a trumpet teacher for over forty years. In this time, I have had many students with diverse learning challenges which have ranged from Down syndrome to dyslexia. In this article I present one strategy that has proved to be very helpful with students who display dyslexic tendencies. I would like to add that, although my perspective is that of a trumpet teacher, this strategy can be applied to any musical instrument (and with a little imagination) to other subjects as well. This teaching method has also been used to good effect with both children and adults.


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Teaching Trumpet