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11/17/2020 11:05:48 PM 


The Kiva Terra Bites Blueberry is an award-winning treat by Kiva Confections. Kiva is known to make only the highest quality medical edibles from all natural ingredients combined with cannabis through 24 hour panning process. This is top of the line medical cannabis edible with a great blend of sativa and indica perfect for meeting the patients' needs. Kiva terra bites consist of dried blueberries dusted with cocoa and milk chocolate from Tanzania (54% cacao.) Each chocolate covered blueberry bites contain 5mg of THC. It's the right dose and right flavor for a pleasant and calm high. This is great for new and seasoned edible-users. You have to practice self control when you get your hands around these because they are decadent and deliciously deceptive. Every bite is magical. These little blueberries are known to help you sleep, perfect for nightcap and effective for cramps and relief. Every bite is sweet, tart, and deliciously incredible - so be careful to keep out of reach of children! Truly one of the best-selling medical edibles. They go out of stock entirely too often so try yours today at PotValet which provide the finest weed delivery service. For more you can also visit near you our local store

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The Kiva Terra Bites Blueberry is an award-winning treat by ...