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Ford model t parts

Veteran & Vintage takes care of everything you need for your classic car - and classic car parts. We can repair your old classic car of any make or model pre-1955, using classic car parts sourced from all over the world. Your old car and classic car parts deserve to be treated with respect and repaired by an expert. Plus, Veteran & Vintage is your one-stop-shop for Model A and Model T Fords. Classic car parts for your old Ford, classic tyres and all kinds of repairs and restoration.

If you've recently found a Ford Model A for sale and are wondering how to repair it, we can find the parts you need. Ford considered the Model T car the perfect automobile - and we agree! As long-time members of a Vintage Car Club, the owners of Veteran & Vintage love seeing beautiful authentic classic cars looking their best. The team at Veteran & Vintage have been passionate about vintage cars since childhood and began restoring in the 1960s.The business has been operating for over 40 years - they know it all when it comes to classic car parts, car tyres for your classic car and classic car accessories.

The Ford Model T also famously known as the A-Model Ford, has a lot to relate to. It was the second most successful car sold in America and worldwide after its predecessor Model T. The Ford Model A although manufactured in late 1927 until 1931, became widely famous for its 1930 Ford A signifying a huge success for the company. In March 1930, Model A sales hit three million, and there were nine body styles available. Looking for a Ford Model A for sale? You need to know you can get the parts you need at the right price - we can help. For sale at Veteran & Vintage are parts ranging from the Tudor to the Town Car, in fact, any kind of Model A for sale in New Zealand. Repair you Model A ford - for sale, for show or for your own keep.

Ford Model A

In 1932, the Ford Model A manufacturing stopped giving rise to its successor the Model B and with a closing sales of about 6 million cars worldwide including countries like Ireland, Japan, and Russia . At Veteran & Vintage, we are all about making your vintage car experience better, including the 1930 Ford A. It's the best place to look for the right model A parts for sale in the right price. We are specialized Ford Model Parts for Sale experts, with a complete range of parts that are hard to find anywhere in New Zealand. Whether you are looking to overhaul the old Ford Model A engine or seeking an experienced veteran to do your Ford Model A repair service look no further, Veteran & Vintage can give your Old Ford Model A a new life and the same old touch.

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Ford model t parts