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Wheel repair Auckland

The Wheel Magician offers mobile mag and alloy wheel repairs across New Zealand including in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. We repair cosmetic kerb damage on car wheels as well as wheels on motorbikes, vans, utes and boat trailors. Getting a wheel repair service in Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand has never been easier as we come to you. So, if you're looking for a mobile kerbed wheel repair service, contact us. You will get the best possible mag kerb wheel repair service when you call us at The Wheel Magician. We can come to your home or office and will complete the repair quickly and efficiently. Our prices are affordable too.

Is there embedded brake dust ruining the look of your mag wheels, or are you looking for alloy wheel repairs in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, or elsewhere in NZ? At Wheel Magician, we've got the skills and knowledge, as well as the specialist brake dust and alloy wheel cleaner products, to make your wheels look like new again. We also offer expert rim and wheel repair services, plus we'll come to your location to complete the work. Contact us today to book a call with one of our technicians.

The kerbed wheel repair and cleaning services that we offer across New Zealand are highly specialised. Let's look at our brake dust removal services first. Particles from your brakes come loose whenever you brake. These particles attach to your wheels and build up over time. The problem is that brake dust is very difficult to remove. With standard car cleaning products, it is practically impossible. Even mag cleaner products you can buy from your local retailer are usually ineffective, especially if the brake dust has become etched into the alloy of your wheel.

At Wheel Magician, we used our experience in the industry and expert knowledge to identify specialist brake dust removal products. Combined with our expertise, we can remove any build-up of brake dust, however stubborn. Plus, we won't damage your wheel, instead leaving it in an as-new condition. As for mag wheel repairs, we use specialist equipment and products to repair scratches, dent, scrapes, and scuffs on all types of mag wheel. So, if you want your mag wheels to look like new again, contact us at the Wheel Magician. You won't be disappointed.

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Wheel repair Auckland