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Youtube Subscribers

How famous a particular video becomes purely depends on how well the creators connect with their subscribers ( by being approachable and building intimate experiences, the quality of the content, and finally how the information which they share is perceived by the audience. In addition to this,

YouTube ( celebrities regularly reply to comments, act accessible on social media and schedule frequent Q&A sessions with their community, where no questions are off-limits. In reality, YouTube ( has potentially given people a chance to present their own homemade entertainment content upon this platform with the idea of it getting discovered by other people who need to get their own motivation to post content on this site. Subscribers ( can create an account on the YouTube platform to like, comment, and share any video they watch. Also by signing up with an account a subscriber ( himself can upload a particular content on their own channel.

YouTube also organises events for content creators to meet their subscribers ( and also engage in public "meet and greets", and even interact personally with them by being on live panels for discussions, Q and A's, skits, performances, and book signings. These events last for a weekend and provide a fun, entertainment, motivation and emotions to the subscribers.

Unlike actors on OTT platforms who get paid a definite salary to perform their particular role, the revenue collection by content creators is through commercial background advertisement. Before or after watching a video on YouTube the viewer has to watch an ad of a particular duration, usually 30 sec after which he can skip it. This allows the creator of a particular video to generate revenue. More number of subscribers ( to a particular channel results in attracting more advertisers resulting in greater revenue generation.

So in short a content creator's YouTube channel has become their brand and they can use it to market various products to their subscribers ( Youtubers these days are great trendsetters, about 70% saying that they would try out a particular product recommended by their favourite YouTube star, getting advertisers to indirectly woo the subscribers ( to their product.

Even with the umpteen number of advantages YouTube offers, there are some disadvantages too. People face various technical glitches when using a video sharing platform such as YouTube ( like problems with the interface itself and crashing of the server. Other social issues like hate speech are still prevalent even though YouTube has tried to stop it by moderating on the content posted on this platform. This site attracts billions of users monthly and employs thousands of moderators, still, it is a mammoth task to take care of the various technical, social, and political challenges arising from this platform to give the subscribers a perfect viewing experience.

Other than that, YouTube is a public social media, gives rise to privacy invasion and copyright issues. Also violent and explicit content can be present on the platform which is not advised for children to watch. To tackle this issue YouTube ( has launched a new kid-targeted version called YouTube Kids that features curated, ad-supported TV shows, music, educational videos, and user-created content.

YouTube even has a membership called YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) that allows viewers to unlock bonus videos with no advertisements before or during the content. Also in the US, YouTube ( has launched YouTube TV where viewers can stream live TV from popular networks. Not only can people watch live TV from all of the collaborating networks, but they also have the ability to DVR or record shows they might miss on iCloud with unlimited storage. Up to 6 people can access an account through multiple devices.

YouTube ( has been established by the millennial generation that watches it and this has transitioned to shape the younger generation as well. As a millennial, growing up in a society of overflowing technology, YouTube culture has impacted media. Through the history and growth of YouTube, the business and marketing approaches, and influence in education, YouTube culture has taken over social media.

Overall, YouTube ( is a great resource, and many people's lives have been changed because of the opportunities it has created for young adults to break out of their comfort zone and experience opening up and sharing their lives with millions of people all around the world.

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Youtube Subscribers