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Top Dry Dog Food in 2018

Top Dry Dog Food in 2018
If you want to ensure that your dog receives high quality nutrition that is balanced, look away from this pet food. Tops Dog Food nutrition is nothing short of disappointing, and it deserves a mere one out of five stars. If one takes a look at the ingredients list for this kibble, it's noticeable that most of the ingredients are quite controversial for one reason or another. It even contains the controversial chemical preservative ethoxyquin, despite there being no fish content in this kibble. This review will take a look at the history and ingredients comprising Tops Dog Food, as well as let you know just why it is of such low quality.

History of Tops Dog Food
Tops dog food claims to be specialty premium kibble, but it hardly deserves the label. Their tagline is "for top appearance, for top nutrition, for top performance!" However, in this line there are four different variants-yet they all still seem to be rather low in quality. For this particular review, we have chosen to take a look at Tops High Protein Dog Food as the representative for the line. For a supposedly high-protein formula, this kibble contains just around average protein content. Let's take a look at the controversial ingredients behind this dog food.

Tops Dog Food Ingredients
The ingredients list of this kibble is nothing short of disappointing. Most ingredients appear to be rather controversial, such as the very first ingredient on this list. Cereal food fines is the first listed ingredient, and already it is nothing but a cheap filler used to add bulk to this kibble. It provides little to no nutrition to your pet and may have additional leftover sugar, a rather unhealthy ingredient. The main source of protein for this pet food is meat and bone meal. Although it's a concentrate of meat, it is anonymous which means it can be any kind of meat. As a generic ingredient, it is not quite a high quality ingredient. To boost the protein content, they have added soybean meal.

Animal fat is included in this formula, though the kind of animal is not specified. This means it can be any sort of animal-even road kill or euthanized animals. Following this is corn gluten meal which is also seen to be a low quality ingredient. The fact that this kibble includes gluten already prevents some sensitive dogs from eating it. This food also contains chicken by-product meal along with several other controversial ingredients. One more disappointing fact is that this pet food contains ethoxyquin, a harmful and controversial preservative.

Notable Ingredients
1. Cereal food fines
2. Meat and bone meal
3. Soybean meal
4. Animal fat
5. Corn gluten meal
6. Chicken by-product meal
7. Ethoxyquin
Tops Dog Food Coupons
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Tops Dog Food Review and Rating
Again, this pet food is not highly recommended to pet owners because of its sub-par choice of ingredients and unbalanced nutrition. For a high protein formula, this kibble contains average protein, below average fat content, and quite a high amount of carbohydrates. They should have called it a high carbohydrate formula instead. One out of five stars.
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Top Dry Dog Food in 2018