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Country Vet Choice Dog Food (Dry)

Country Vet Choice Dog Food (Dry)
Although this kibble seemed quite promising at first, one glance at the ingredients list immediately told us that this kibble is not quite good quality. As a matter of fact, its ingredients list is peppered with low quality and controversial ingredients that has with finality led us to believe that this deserves one out of five stars and nothing more. This review will take a deeper look at the Country Vet Choice dog food nutrition and the ingredients list of this kibble and attempt to explain why it deserves such a low rating.

History of Country Vet Choice Dog Food
Country Vet is said to be a high quality, highly digestible and highly palatable kibble. As a company, they do their best so that they can assure their customers of high quality and safe ingredients. They ensure that customers always get fresh products with their great delivery system. In the Country Vet Choice line there exists three variants, but we have chosen to review Country Vet Choice Active Formula.

Country Vet Choice Dog Food Ingredients
The first listed ingredient is porcine meal, which makes this kibble look rather promising. However, it is immediately preceded by filler ingredients-wheat middlings and yellow corn. Both ingredients are not very nutritious at all, and are added to bulk up the food as well as make dogs feel fuller. Wheat middlings are the by-product from the processing of wheat-so in essence, middlings are the dust swept from the floor. Poultry fat is included in this mix, seemingly a quality ingredient for being able to provide Omega-6-except it is preserved with BHA, a controversial chemical preservative linked to causing cancer in some people and animals.

Another ingredient in the Country Vet food is poultry by-product, which is a supplemental source of protein for this formula. Although it does provide protein, as it is the so called "slaughterhouse waste", it isn't truly a quality ingredient. Flaxseed is in this mix, adding Omega-3 which is good for the heart. It is notable that this kibble contains menadione, which is a form of vit. K that is controversial because it is linked to allergies and liver toxicity. It also contains BHT, an artificial additive that is linked to tumours, thus it is seen to be a carcinogen.

Notable Ingredients
1. Porcine meal
2. Wheat middlings
3. Yellow corn
4. Poultry fat (preserved with BHA)
5. Poultry by-product meal
6. Flaxseed
7. Menadione
8. BHT
Country Vet Choice Dog Food Coupons
If you are looking to save a bit on the Country Vet Choice dog food price, get your hands on a few coupons for Country Vet Choice Dog food.

Country Vet Choice Review and Rating
As we have seen, this kibble is not very high quality. It includes maybe very little quality ingredients mixed into a lot of low quality ingredients. Containing a medium amount of meat and an almost average amount of protein, this kibble has few redeeming qualities. With the controversial ingredients mixed in, it really becomes a pet food that is not quite recommendable to pet owners who want healthy and happy pets. One out of five stars. Not recommended.
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Country Vet Choice Dog Food (Dry)