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Hill's Prescription Diet CD Canine (Dry)

Hill's Prescription Diet CD Canine (Dry)
This kibble is said to be prescribed by veterinarians to pets who are having urinary tract troubles. However, after taking a look at the ingredients list and the nutritional value of this kibble, we are in disbelief that a veterinarian would actually prescribe this diet to pets. We see little evidence of ingredients that are supposed to help with any UT issues. Nevertheless, continuing with this review in an objective manner, we have come to discover that this kibble deserves the lowest rating of one out of five stars for having a poor choice in ingredients, poor formulation, and seemingly no redeeming factors. The fact that the protein and meat content in this kibble is rather low contributes as well to its much lower rating. This review will seek to show why this kibble is rather poor in quality, not quite deserving of a higher rating.

History of Hill's Prescription Diet C/D Canine Dog Food
In this particular line of kibble (C/D), there exists only one variant, which is the Hill's Prescription Diet C/D Urinary Tract Health kibble. Hill's says that dogs need the right balance of minerals in order to have good urinary tract health. Thus they have formulated this kibble which is supposed to help with bladder health, particularly if there are bladder stones or any similar conditions that need to be relieved or alleviated.

Hill's Prescription Diet C/D Canine Dog Food
First ingredient on the list is corn, which is an ingredient that many dogs can be quite sensitive to. This ingredient also offers little nutrition to a dog. The second ingredient on the list is not quite a source of protein-pork fat or lard has been added into this mix likely to add flavour more than anything else. The main source of protein comes third in chicken by-product meal, which includes parts of poultry that humans would not consume. This could mean organs, beaks, eggs and so on-save from the feathers. To supplement this protein source they have added soybean meal, which although isn't as good as meat, is a decent source of protein.

Fifth on the list of ingredients is corn gluten meal, which may have been added in order to add even more protein-but gluten is a substance that many dogs are sensitive to as well. Following this ingredient is a filler: soybean mill run. Flaxseed is present, a good ingredient that can provide omega-3.

Notable Ingredients
2.Pork Fat (Lard)
3.Chicken by-product meal
4.Soybean meal
5.Corn gluten meal
6.Soybean meal run

Hill's Prescription Diet C/D Canine Dog Food Coupons
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Hill's Prescription Diet C/D Canine Dog Food Review and Rating

The ingredients list of this kibble contains lower quality ingredients. The minerals in it do not appear to be chelated, and it appears as though little thought was put into the quality of this kibble. Although it is said to be useful for UT troubles, we still find that this kibble is not recommendable. One out of five stars.
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Hillís Prescription Diet CD Canine (Dry)