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Wixted Innovation

1/35 George Crescent
Darwin, 0820 Australia
+61 413 745800

Contact: greg wixted

Wixted Innovation
About This Company
Industry: Food and Beverage Service, Food Production, Hospitality or Hotel
Wixted Innovations' mission is to help companies rapidly create and test on-trend, first to market, high growth food and drink ideas and experiences consumers love. We do it by applying our Rapid Entrepreneurial Innovation (REI) model and a page from the Agile playbook which accelerates the time to market. It instils a culture of customer first thinking, data and insight driven decisions, a love of food and your product, rapid experimentation and iteration of the idea through testing and feedback until it is ready to launch.

We are zealous opposers of the 'one size fits all' innovation approach, the companies founders run real food, drinks & hospitality businesses both in Australia and internationally, and know what it takes to develop great, tasty, innovative and immersive food experiences.

We innovate with entrepreneurial spirt and agility - while others are still thinking how to respond to a client's brief, we will have already started to invent fresh, new, first to market ideas.

Consumers are looking for differentiated products that cater to their needs, but more so they want to see companies offer added value, not just authentic, healthy and high-quality ingredients. We really want to focus in on creating value-adding opportunities for Australian products in key growth areas. These include health and wellbeing, premium convenience foods, and sustainability-driven products that reduce waste or use less resources, traceability and provenance and food safety.

We want to grow the skills and knowledge base of people in the industry here. We started by training all our teams in innovation and new product development (NPD) and will be offering our style of training to all food and drink companies in Australia.

The key driver for the business will be working with companies to help deliver increased productivity, sustainable economic growth, job creation, and investment attraction to the food, drinks and hospitality sectors. Through our partnership, Wixted Catering and Consulting will be able to offer its expertise for not only the Australian market but internationally.