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Gold Bee

555 Anton Blvd Ste 150
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 United States
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Contact: Laurence Cathey

Gold Bee
About This Company
Industry: Alternative Medicine
Naturally, breaking habits is difficult, especially in a world where you're constantly hit with advertisements featuring hamburgers, ice cream, hot dogs, sodas, and snacks. However, the healthy food on the market today is also not quite perfect. The prices for an average vegan sandwich can be astronomical, and the same goes for other organic products. In other words, changing your eating habits seems to be a time-consuming task that might end up costing you.
At Gold Bee, we are well aware of the issues mentioned above. However, that only made our mission stronger. Affordable food is great and all, but affordable healthy food will greatly improve our daily lives. In addition, by eating non-toxic, organic dishes, we actually help save our planet in multiple ways. Our company works hard on developing products from hemp, coconut oil, and honey. We specifically chose these three because they are highly nutritious and they can be used as supplements to any diet. In addition, they are incredibly easy to use and process.