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The LifeLine

3279 Broadview Road
West Kelowna, Canada

Contact: Liane Weber
Email: liane@thelifelinecanada.ca

The LifeLine
About This Company
Industry: Mental Health Care, Healthcare, Health, Wellness and Fitness
I launched the Canadian Suicide Prevention and Awareness App, The LifeLine, a free App devoted to Aid in Suicide Prevention across Canada.

Everyone seems to have been affected by suicide in one way or another. It could be a family member, friend, colleague or someone close. It touches all of our lives and the effects can impact the survivors for a lifetime. Tragically, many of those suicides could have been prevented.

You can help save a life. Let me explain 2 simple things you can do.

In 2012 it felt like my world turned upside down which included not one but two separate suicides that affected me terribly. The aftermath is a nightmare for loved ones. It was because of the overwhelming pain and sadness associated with those tragic events, that I created and developed The LifeLine Suicide Prevention and Awareness App. The goal of this communication is twofold. First I want to bring awareness to The LifeLine App and all the resources available for you and those you care about. And to ask your help to get the word out to as many people as possible. By growing the awareness of the App, we can help save more lives. The LifeLine App has been downloaded thousands and thousand times nationally and now internationally.

The LifeLine App now also includes 3 new direct resource links for instant guidance, support and awareness:

1.United States

With thousands upon thousands of international app downloads, these additions support a Worldwide initiative.

The LifeLine was developed through my dedication to helping others who have been affected by suicide in one way or another. Therefore I developed a one place location tool to access and connect with credible resources.

The second goal is to enlist your support in showing our friends, family, co-workers and the public that we take Suicide Prevention personally and seriously.

"There are well known effective measures to prevent suicide. If they are applied, they will save lives. With Awareness, Prevention and Intervention, we can help prevent suicides in all of our communities.

The LifeLine is available for download on both iTunes and Google Play App Stores and has four main goals:

to connect someone in crisis with the support and guidance they need 24/7;
to aid in suicide prevention;
to build suicide awareness; and
to help guide loved ones left behind after a suicide.

The LifeLine connects you to a 24 hour hotline in Canada, text line and also has mapping that connects you to your local Crisis Centres, based on your current location, with instant Guidance, Support and Awareness.

The LifeLine App can also be downloaded directly at The Lifeline website and facebook page.

One of the biggest challenges is getting across to people just how much of the world's suicide is avoidable and what we're doing to eliminate it. Our secret weapon to awareness is ourselves, our families and our friends. Using The LifeLine App as a tool, we build awareness, help prevent suicides, support survivors of suicide and work to eliminate the stigma surrounding suicide.

"The effects on family and friends left picking up the shattered pieces after a suicide are so devastating and destructive. It can get so much worse before it gets better. It is a very long windy road of healing. The grief changes shape, but it never really ends."

The LifeLine has ongoing updates with resources and links to credible information. If everyone is aware of The LifeLine, everyone will know where to go as a first step to support, guidance and education.

Guidance and support are key.

The following steps are the minimum of what will be accomplished once the goal has been reached.

1. Translate The LifeLine App into French and Spanish.
2. Add more languages to support the worldwide initiative.
3. Expand The LifeLine website to further connect individuals with immediate assistance worldwide.
4. Expand The LifeLine App to its capacity of available resources and assistance.
5. Develop a video for schools about The LifeLine App, suicide prevention, awareness, intervention and postvention.
6. Expand the Worldwide initiative through media.
7. Windows application development.

Please share this with your friends and family.

Together we can save lives.

Liane Weber