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Tilth Beauty

58 Georges Lane
Monroe, CT 06468 United States

Contact: Anthony Vargas
Email: tonyv@tilthbeauty.com

Tilth Beauty
About This Company
Industry: Cosmetics
Our mission is to provide a high-performance, ultra-effective product line that is free of toxic ingredients and delivers results that consumers expect from a premium skin care line. We simply will not compromise on ingredients to make money! Everything we manufacture holds the promise of a great win/win outcome - our products are good for the consumer - and good for the Earth!

To protect your health and the earth, no harmful properties are used in our products. This means our products are always FREE from Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Petroleum Based Products, Silicones, Synthetic Fragrances, Artificial Coloring, GMOs, and Gluten. We are Cruelty Free, Green Packaging and utilize Sustainable Ingredients.
Brand Strengths
•Scientist, Industry Expert and Media Friendly Company Founder, Anthony Vargas
•Premium Ingredients
•High Potency Formulations Reap Superior Results
•Toxin Free
•Naturally Based but not limited by strict organic ethos means for superior strength and efficacy
•Restorative Ingredients Help Rejuvenate Skin
•Holistic Approach
•Ingredients backed by Clinical Testing
•Socially and Environmentally responsible business practices
•Carbon neutral packaging materials
•Appealing Packaging
•Affordable, yet premium quality
•Fully Transparent in terms of practices and content
•No Animal Testing or Derivatives in Formulations
•Wind Powered Production
and Made in America

Vargas Cosmetics, Inc. is currently seeking an investor(s) for expansion of the Tilth Beauty Anti Aging Skin Care line.