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Killarney , Ireland

Contact: Daniel Mac Sweeney
Email: Daft_planet@hotmail.com

About This Company
Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness, Software, Sports
Daniel Mac Sweeney is my name; I am from Killarney Co. Kerry Ireland.
I'm here crowd funding to ask for your help to get funding for the App I have created which is out now on (I-phone/pad and Android), and

Is called DaftRun - The Sports Finder.

It is used for finding sporting events like
Golf Competitions, Running, Marathons, Cycling, Swimming, Walking, Fishing Events and much more
All Near the Users Location and Beyond.

The Organiser, which is you, can sign in to the App and/or (Website, which is why I am here looking to get some Funding), can upload content of your event on the Events page for Free with these details, that everyone will see-

1. Name of Event
2. Where
3. Type of Event
4. Telephone
5. Picture
6. Small Description
7. Chat
8. Website Link
9. Enter Event Link
10. And you can upload results

With over a 100 downloads a day and growing, from all over the world people will be able to find your event in seconds when they are in the location, or if a person was traveling to a destination abroad like your own town they can go to the Country, County selection and see a list of your events on display.

I'm a runner, I am looking for a 10k to run close to me, I turn on the App, go to search and click Ireland, Kerry and I get a list of all Sporting Icons click the running man and I can see what running events are happening near me. If I'm a Golfer I click the golf man, if I'm a Cyclist I click the cycling man etc...

When an event is uploaded in your location you will get a notification that an event has been uploaded. Also they will get 2 notifications the week it's starting.

DaftRun is a great way to promote your sport, race or competition to the Community and beyond. People will be able to switch on their phone and view your event on the go and share it on their social networks.

Fund DaftRun now and get more people involved in your Event.
With more downloads everyday day DaftRun is Growing into the next big Sporting Company.

We would love to have you on board,
Share, TweeT, Like,
Join now and be the start of something Great.

Managing Director
Daniel Mac Sweeney