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Blum Coffee House

Suleyman Seba Caddesi 64/A Besiktas
Istanbul, Turkey

Contact: Muge Cergel
Email: blum@blumcoffeehouse.com

Blum Coffee House
About This Company
Industry: Food and Beverage Service
Blum is a boutique coffee house & mini-roaster in the hearth of Istanbul offering specialty fair-trade coffee with organic and natural food.
In addition to serving as a third wave coffee shop, we will be offering hand-crafted souvenir items like bookmarks made of felt, hand painted coffee mugs, cross stitch items and special design t-shirts.

A coffee shop with a great cause

We are passionate about coffee and we want to use this passion for a good purpose. As a part of our coffee shop project, $0.10 of every cup of coffee purchased will be used to buy books for children who are in need. This way we shall establish libraries to children in small villages. Our love for coffee shall grow with the community and produce great outcomes. Support our campaign at bit.ly/1r6ar6D

​​​Our Vision

Creating a new trend by offering innovative, organic, %100 natural, fresh & delicious food and drinks with universal service standarts as a third wave coffee shop. We are aiming to offer the best quality specialty coffee and maximize the taste with the latest & innovative brewing methods. We shall contribute to the creation of a healthy community both physically and mentally by offering rich food in terms of nutritional values.

Our Mission

Offering fresh grind of single origin and special blend coffee beans for every cup with innovative brewing methods ,
Providing our customers high quality coffee shop experience by using natural, fresh, organic and delicious food and drinks,
Offering 100% natural, delicious food and drinks with high nutritional value that will make our customers feel great both physically and pshychologically
To improve our contribution to the society, environment and to our business partners, by offering food and services that will contribute to the competitiveness of our country and the world economy,
Proving services in the awareness that a green and clean environment will make our future and with a common sense of approach,
To provide the most appropriate services to our customers needs with an engaged team work and customer-focused approach,
Give customers access to the latest trends in coffee in the global level by renewing ourselves using our unbridled cruosity, constant development and change.
are our company's goals of existence.

Our Values

In line with our vision and mission, our company values assimilated by our employees are defined as follows:

Be Natural
We don't just use natural the ingredients but we are also natural in our approach to our clients.

Integrated Quality of Service
Customer satisfaction and product/service quality are the most important elements of our company.
We offer most healthy coffee and food.
We adopt a contemporary, customer-oriented, dynamic and proactive service mentality.

Continuous Improvement
We pay attention to creative and innovative ideas.
We encourage and enable our employees to use their internal potential efficiently and gain superior service and management skills with continuous training.
Technology, research and improvement are at top priority for us.

Loyalty to Ethical Principles
We comply with government regulations without compromise.
Honesty and transparency is dispensible for us.

Our employees, customers, business partners and all other stakeholders are important for us.
We conduct business with mutual respect, trust and cooperation.
We encourage our employees to take initiative at the right time.
Open communication with all our stakeholders is one of our main principles.

Social Responsibility
We adopt a prudent attitude towards society, environment and human being.
We work hard to continually improve the value of our contribution to the environment.