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3000 Oasis Grand Boulevard, Unit 2206
Fort Myers, FL 33916 United States
(239) 888-2943

Contact: Donald Chew, CEO
Email: donaldchew@motinow.com

About This Company
Industry: Telecommunications, Technology, Internet
While testing our flagship device, our team came across something amazing. We noticed that there could be a solution that works best for the customer and eliminates your monthly internet bill. As a result, we have created the internet Eliminator for you and it's coming soon.

This company is built on hard work, commitment, and the vision. We have no shareholders, no stock markets, and the vision to finally put the customer first.

Lastly, our goal is to simplify your life and save you $$. We promise to take away the frustration and put a smile on your face plus you will save up to $980 per year. We ask that you stay tuned. Pre-order today and receive 50% off . Supply is limited.

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