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SelenBio, Inc.

AUSTIN, TX 78735 United States

Contact: Kenny Gallagher

SelenBio, Inc.
About This Company
Industry: Biotechnology, Healthcare, Medical Devices
SelenBio, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing antibacterial technology for a wide variety of use cases. Our platform antibacterial technology prevents biofilm formation in medical, dental, industrial, and consumer applications using a unique and proprietary selenium-based compound. SelenBio keeps you happy and healthy by keeping the products you use and the things you touch infection-free.

SelenBio developed and is currently manufacturing a selenium-based organic compound that can be integrated into products. This compound kills harmful bacteria bacteria for the life of the product.

SELDOX®, developed at Texas Tech University and licensed and commercialized exclusively by SelenBio, Inc. is an innovative and proven antimicrobial compound derived from the element selenium. When integrated into any material or product, SELDOX works by generating superoxide radicals which destroy bacteria on contact, disrupting colonization and preventing the formation of biofilm.

SelenBio engages in joint development with numerous industry partners in large markets where harmful bacteria creates problems and increases costs. We collaborate with those partners to create products with added antibacterial characteristics. When successfully completed, these products prevent dangerous bacteria from growing on the surface of the product.

The Company currently has joint-development projects underway in the medical device industry (i.e. wound care bandages, silicone used in manufacturing urinary catheters, etc.), the commercial paint industry to prevent bacterial growth in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc., and consumer products like water bottles and athletic clothing.
SelenBio plans to receive licensing fees from these companies for the use of their patented technology in addition to ongoing royalty payments from the sale of these products.