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Kaunas, Lithuania

Contact: Vaidas Saltenis
Email: info@exponeer.com

About This Company
Industry: Advertising, Marketing
The participation in traditional exhibitions costs a huge amount of money and sometimes brings a doubtful success. Does that sound familiar to you? Such a negative experience inspired us to look for an entirely new way to present products and services without any risk, large investments, the waste of time and energy.

It gave a rise to EXPONEER - pioneer of new generation exhibitions which could provides not only live worldwide communication opportunities, minimal investments, but also the tremendous partnership opportunities and many other powerful options at the same time.

We work to eliminate restrictions of money, time and distance that will allow you to share ideas and find reliable partners as wide as you wish. Our goal is to give you a simple but on the other hand powerful tool, which will let you focus on your real job instead of wasting a time for promotions.

And we strongly believe that thanks to our efforts you will become more innovative, more outstanding, more sustainable, and this will be the power with which you will be able to change the world into a better place to live - this is why we work for.