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MicroPower Global Corporation

STAR One, 3055 Hunter Road
San Marcos, TX 78666 United States

Contact: Tristan Lewinsohn
Email: tristan@micropower-global.com

MicroPower Global Corporation
About This Company
Industry: Energy, Technology, Electrical or Electronic Manufacturing
MicroPower is a private company, formed in late 2008, that has developed ground breaking technology in the area of energy conservation. The MicroPower Chip is a new solid-state semiconductor without moving parts, similar in many ways to a thermoelectric device, which converts a temperature differential directly into electricity, leading to significant energy savings in a number of industrial and military applications.

The ability to harvest heat at temperatures ranging from 200C to 600C will make MicroPower chips the new thermoelectric standard for waste heat recovery, and opens up new multi-billion dollar global markets.

The technology already has widespread patent protection (44 patents issued or filed in the US and internationally) and the resulting material has been independently tested by various recognized sources.

To complete product development, and commence production quickly and cost-effectively, MicroPower partnered with Texas State University, based near Austin, which provides initial production facilities for MicroPower.