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My Medical eCard

P. O. Box 5880
Milton Keynes, Other MK10 1EX United Kingdom

Contact: Sade Tolani
Email: Sade.Tolani@wanadoo.fr

My Medical eCard
About This Company
Industry: Information Technology, Medical Devices, Health, Wellness and Fitness
My Medical eCard is a simple concept of a user-oriented, personal, portable digital health records tool, on a credit card shaped USB device.

It offers a practical, hands on solution to personal electronic health records. A tool in which you can record your Personal Health Journey, whatever your condition.

It is aimed at the User, offering a simple health records tool with which the User can integrate all their medical activities, record, manage, update, maintain their medical health footprints, ranging from general medical activities, to dental, optical, therapies, homeopathic, medications, tests & results, medical billing, medical insurance, medical contacts, medico-legal directives and so forth, in one simple, portable device.

It empowers you to stay on top of your health and take charge of your medical records.

It is very handy in the event of a medical emergency and in the field of Health Tourism. It saves patients from carrying bulky medical documents, as all the medical information can be stored and continually updated on this medical device.

The medical information remains on the Medical eCard. It is not linked to the internet or stored on any server. You are in control of what you record on the Medical eCard.

The 'MyMeC App', an iPhone app, is an adjunct to 'My Medical eCard', in which you can record your pertinent medical information and have on you at all times.

Your medical records in your wallet.
Keep fit and healthy. Stay on top of your health and medical records.

Thank you & Stay well,

Sad´┐Ż Tolani.