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Jasper Tech Corp

29352 Mechling Ln
Rock Falls, IL 61071 United States

Contact: Adam R Johnson
Email: adam.johnson@jaspertechcorp.com

Jasper Tech Corp
About This Company
Industry: Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Technology
JasperBOX removes the distance barrier of any vehicle remote starter with a simple universal cloud-connected device.

Many folks have remote starters in their car/truck/van/motorcycle/etc. Either they were built into their new vehicle, or they had an aftermarket one installed. But for some reason they won't work from inside your office, or from the high school football stadium. That's what JasperBOX solves.

JasperBOX is a small device that attaches to your current remote starter, making it much more useful. Jasper communicates via nationwide cell networks back to Jaspers cloud servers. So, to start your vehicle you can send a txt to Jasper, use our smartphone app, or even just call it from any phone.

For example, start your truck from your deer stand before you get down, or your duck blind on the water and have a warm truck to come back too. Cool your car down from your office before heading out for lunch in your dress clothes. Warm your car up from the ski lift before you last run of the day; or even as you taxi into O'hare on your plane, have a toasty vehicle ready to go.

There are all kinds of reasons for a JasperBOX. It's inexpensive, easy, and makes your current remote vehicle starter much more useful. At this point, JasperTech is pretty much a one-man show. Over the past 3 years Adam has taken the initial concept and brought it through each step to it's current prototype state.
The device itself is actually pretty simple. All in all JasperBOX is a collection of a few well-seasoned systems combined to create the full service. For example, Cell Networks, TCP/IP, PBX Phone Systems, SMS TXT, SmartPhone Apps, SQL Databases, Web Design, and Simple Relays are all nothing new. The challenge has been successfully bringing all of the tools together in the most efficient manner.

JasperTech has prototypes made and tested, but are not yet in a finished enclosure, and they have a few more tweaks to make it manufacture ready. They also have some more development to do in how the service interacts with the main customer relations management software. They are ready to send Jasper to the masses, and just need a 'kick' to get things rolling.