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SGT Nutraceuticals LLC

2437 Bay Area Blvd Ste-347
Houston, TX 77058 United States

Email: sgtnutraceuticals@gmail.com

SGT Nutraceuticals LLC
About This Company
Industry: Nanotechnology, Health, Wellness and Fitness, Venture Capital and Private Equity
Seeking 500K+ for expansion Capital to fulfill orders.

FUNDRAISING OF 500K and up as fast as possible.

We have a 501c3 tax exemption for those who would like to make a donation.

Others who are seeking a solid investment that is fine as well.

We are a licensed grower of Industrial Hemp in Colorado and a Licensed Manufacturer/Processor of our final products in Houston, Texas.

We specialize in Nano-sized particles of CBD for better delivery of the CBD to the body. Pharmaceutical companies have been using nanotech similar to this for decades. We just happen to be the first for the CBD industry. Our Particles are between 10 nanometers (nm) to 20nm in size. That is what makes it effective every time and consistent ever time.

We have been listed for Mass retailers on rangeme.com and we will be providing products this year to as many mass retailers that we can handle.

This is where the opportunity is for an investor.

We seek a minimum of 500K+ investment so that we can capture as much of this market as possible in North America. We have opportunities for expansion into Mexico in 2020. Mexico Plans on legalizing Hemp within the 1st quarter of 2020.

If serious and have funds available today then reach out. We will ask for POF so as to not waste our time with information gatherers and tire kickers.

Nothing personal just serious business.

Watch the video as we demonstrate how our CBD oil dissolves in water. We use a lot of CBD oil for this demonstration, not just a tiny dropper.

We Own the IP and Technology for all of this. We are seeking the ability to expand more quickly. That is all. And the investor will get a nice rate of return.

We are seeking to raise as much money as well can in the immediate term. $500K and up. We look forward to your response soon.

Feel free to try our products for the Most Effective CBD in the world. Visit our website as well. sgtnutraceuticals.com