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The Cambridge Center For Medical & Veterinary Scs

55 Yarmouth Street, Suite 204
Guelph, N1H7R4 Canada
(519) 763-9192

Contact: Miroslaw Ruka
Email: miroslaw.ruka@yahoo.com

The Cambridge Center For Medical & Veterinary Scs
About This Company
Industry: Veterinary, Healthcare, Education
NOTE: The Company (CMVS) is searching for star-up capital/investment with the objective of raising USD16.5 million for the purpose of initiating this very unique program of constructing a teaching-learning 280,000-square Small/Companion Animal Hospital (CAH, dogs & cats, only) in Greater Toronto Area (GTA, Ontario, Canada).


INTRODUCTION: The Cambridge Center for Medical & Veterinary Sciences Inc. (CMVS), a federally incorporated Corporation (Canada), has been established for the purpose of attracting start-up capital / investment in the amount of US$16.5 million to construct (in accordance to the Canadian specifications and standards for human hospitals) a veterinary Small Animal (for dogs and cats, only) 280,000 sq. ft. teaching-learning Hospital in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), as an only such facility in North America, where the post-graduate, clinical, teaching, research, and diagnostic programs will be established by professionals in their fields of expertise (veterinary medicine, human medicine, molecular biology / immunology, bio-technology, chemistry, etc.) to carry out clinical work in organ / tissue transplantation / regeneration / cloning.

Greater Toronto Area (GTA), located on a Horseshoe Peninsula (Ontario, Canada) along the Lake of Ontario, has been chosen to build the Hospital, as it is a very unique region in North America due its geography (fresh water), climate (hot summer, mild winter), population (more than 5 million people), economy (revenue: C$21 billion / year) and education (numerous of highly educated individuals).

The teaching-learning Hospital, a 3-store facility (7-level: 4 sub-levels and 3 floors) will create 200 full time positions (80 positions for veterinarians and 120 positions for technical and support staff).

The revenue and return on investment will be generated from a daily routine clinical (in- & out-patients) work, transplant programs, governmental / private grants, auxiliary services, public offering, etc.