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22 Hayden Street
Nashua, NH 03060 United States

Contact: Lee Guerette
Email: kengidge@gmail.com

About This Company
Industry: Entertainment, Fine Art, Broadcast Media
Our Stunning 3D paintings project clouds of shinning color that appear to float off the canvas. The layers of the painting look like glistening see through silk or brilliant stained glass. It is a startling and delightful effect that so astonishes the viewer, they experience a moment of wonder and return to a child-like state of pure curiosity. This singular style invented by Ken Gidge is unlike other optical illusion painting. We also sell Greeting Cards, Abstract original art, vases, lithographs and pottery from other Fine Artists

Ken Gidge is also a TV talk show host and a NH legislator- presenting lively debates between Democrats and Republicans on local Access Nashua TV, channel 96.
New Hampsha politics can get wicked rowdy. See the experts at friendly insults.