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1206 Stein Way
Macungie, PA 18062 United States

Contact: Kaustuva Mukherjee
Email: kaustuva.mukherjee@gmail.com

About This Company
Industry: Consumer Services, Apparel and Fashion, Luxury Goods and Jewelry
Make your smartphone your moneymaker where your buyers tag and steal their favorite items in a game like 90 sec flash sale auction! iBuySell helps sellers sell quickly and keep more in profits, built around a simple belief: Everyone has something to sell. Our free downloadable mobile marketplace empowers individual sellers, retailers, small business owners, or anyone else who has something to sell, to find buyers quicker and sell more products from brand and designer fashion, clothes, jewelry, accessories to home appliance, electronics, art, sports and outdoors. With our unique Flash Sales, selling and buying only takes 90 seconds!

For sellers, the process is simple: Take a picture of your item, give it a short description, set your secret price, list your item, schedule a live flash sale, prices fall live from the highest point, buyers compete to snap deals in 90 secs above your lowest price.

When an item is scheduled for a live flash sale, buyers tag and watch the item before it goes live. Buyers get notified when the flash sale begins. With only a very short 90 seconds, buyers never know when someone else will snatch your item from them, so they won't want to wait too long. 90 seconds is all it takes to sell anything!

For buyers The longer you wait, the cheaper the item gets, but the greater the chance someone else will take it from you. What do you do?!

On iBuySell, buyers and sellers can interact with each other, follow posting and purchasing activity, send messages, and post status updates. It's simply a fun marketplace to be in!